Sequoia is the Digital Audio Workstation which handles the entire radio broadcast and music production chain.

From orchestra recordings with up to 256 input channels to professional, but low cost portable solution for news production, Sequoia perfectly meets all requirements.

Installed on a suitable Windows ® XP or 7 workstation or laptop PC Sequoia runs with any ASIO, MME or WDM compatible audio interface, granting engineers and designers the freedom of choice.

For radio productions, save valuable time with fast non-destructive, object-based editing, multi-synchronous cut and an advanced crossfade editor. A rich set of superior audio restoration and cleaning tools is designed for preserving precious recordings or forensic audio analysis.

Loudness Metering comprising broadcast standard EBU-128 enables you to verify your production conformity during the creation process. Professional metering with standard broadcast scales supports the stand-alone use of Sequoia in mobile applications.

Save valuable production time utilizing Sequoia’s fast audio export function. Thanks to its object based system design, real-time bounce is obsolete. In time-critical news production recorded audio material can be edited while the recording is still running and even be exported to a database system.

Export audio files within seconds and create Red Book-compatible CDs directly from a multitrack project with full mastering and authoring capabilities.

The integrated Sequoia user administration facilitates the tasks for system administrators by offering a complete set of user rights- and presets management. An entire set of templates and presets can be distributed from a central network device, thus enabling every user to work with an individual workspace on any workstation.

Sequoia – the Broadcast Audio Workstation for an efficient production process.